[Ficlet] Your Broken Skin


Written By: IJaggys


I am a human, that was what I believed for the past 22 years.


Bobby | Ficlet | Fantasy |Science Fiction | English




My name is Bobby and I am a human. A normal one, just like my parents, my friends and the people around me. That was what I believed for the past 22 years. That was my entire life. But it had been all been a lie.

I opened my eyes, my vision coming into focus as I surveyed the wreckage around me. My car was completely totaled, with broken pieces of plastic, glass and other debris strewn all over the place. My brain ached as I tried to remember the events that led me to this predicament.

It was a late night, and I was driving home after attending a high-school reunion. I felt extremely sleepy, but against my better judgement I’d decided to drive until I reached a cheap motel to spend the night. The decision wasn’t a very wise one, and I ended up dozing off at the helm of the wheel.

The sound of an oncoming vehicle awoke me from my impromptu slumber, but before I could swerve completely I found myself crashing into the car and losing control, driving straight into a solitary tree at the side of the road.

The shitbox that I was driving didn’t have any airbags – or maybe it didn’t even bother to deploy them. and my head cracked against the steering wheel, causing me to lose consciousness.

As I awoke, I touched my head and was pleasantly surprised to find that no gashes had been opened. This wasn’t surprising, even after such a serious accident – no matter how many injuries I sustained, I never had a single cut in my entire life. I always attributed it to my amazing resilience— but a quick look at my left arm dashed the minute sensation of pride I was experiencing.

A long piece of glass was embedded in my skin. For some reason, I couldn’t feel any pain and decided to pull it out. It took some effort, but after some time I felt the shard of glass slowly sliding away from the wound—before staring in horror at my mangled arm.

For some reason, something black was pouring out of my wound. I took a whiff of the slippery substance, which confirmed my doubt – my body was bleeding oil. To complicate matters, a bunch of wires and metallic pieces were jutting out from the wound as well. I couldn’t stop staring at my appendage, wondering how something like this was possible.

How—just how? I’m not a robot, I have parents that have pictures of my birth. And yet, my arm told a completely different story.

I blinked, and the gash was still leaking oil.

I blinked again, and the wires were still sparking under my arm.

I blinked a third time —but nothing changed. There was no doubt about it, what I was seeing in front of me was real, in every sense of the word.

Before I could try and work my brain around this, a bunch of sirens that were heading my way caught my attention. I looked up and saw two black vans rolling in, and as they stopped a bunch of armed men surrounded the wreckage, their guns pointing straight at me.

Three people approached my vehicle, and one of them seemed to be holding a certain device in their hand. But my eyes drifted on the two teary-eyed people behind him, who were looking at me with an expression of concern. There was no doubt about it – my parents were here as well.

“Mom, Dad? W-what is h-h-happening?” I stammered, trying to make head or tail of the situation, but failing to achieve either. “Why is my arm-“

Before I could say anything else, the man holding the device pressed a button, causing me to convulse violently. I felt ripples of electricity coursing through me, before going limp as my body shut down.

“Will he be fine, doctor?” I heard my mother say, sobbing as she looked at me. My consciousness was fading, but I kept myself awake long enough to hear the stranger’s words, before passing out again.

“Of course ma’am, all we need is to perform some simple repairs and a memory wipe.”








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