Diurutkan berdasarkan waktu postingan.

  1. Orpheus by Upie
  2. Lamia by Natalidya
  3. Demigod by Siskarikapra
  4. Mirror on The World by VA Panda
  5. Child of Medusa by Upie
  6. Unimmortal Gorgon by Jynan
  7. Apollo & Daphne by Natalidya
  8. Sunflowers by srh.prmd
  9. I Swear by Flafloflifle
  10. Left Inside by Bblue
  11. Sphinxs (Riddle Creature) by Siskarikapra
  12. Orfeus & Euridike: Love Journey by Juliahwang
  13. The Untold of Narcissus & Echo by SamDiey
  14. Vasco by Kimm
  15. Lucid Dream? by Zulaipatnam
  16. The Kim Gerion (1 | 2) by Choi’s
  17. Delusi by Sarahprmdani
  18. The Second Aphrodite by Miyu
  19. The Goddest Test by Echaminswag~
  20. The Empusae by Noranitas
  21. The Aurora by Tazzqu
  22. Someone Precious by Nur M.
  23. Love & Time by Nur M.
  24. Runaway by Nur M.
  25. Belong Together by Nur M.
  26. E L F by Juliahwang

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