About Siskarikapra



First, lemme take a selfie!  Introduce maself,




A girl born on 1st July of 1998

O Blood Type

Loves all about art.


More specific :

•Hallo! Yall can call me Rika or Siska for short!

•Last Grader High school, amateur writer and singer.

•Hate to talk first(but crazy inside).

•Obsessed with Greek Myth Stuff, Apollo’s Daughter and Valdez’s fiance

•Entered Kpop world since 2010.

•Bias? Lol I’m every idol’s trash XD just tell the group, I’ll mention my bae!

They laugh at me because I am antimainstream, I laugh at them sadly because they are all mainstream.

Nothing can compare🔫

Runnin ma life inspired by

biai2 biai

Ruined ma life the most

B2725uMCUAAxJ79.jpg large img_20141015_2035551

Wanna know more? Friend me on :

Personal Blog | Twitter | Instagram : Personal or Covers Gallery | Soundcloud | Ask.fm

Let’s Get Closer!

With Loves,

Rika ❤

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